Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Three Trees

The snowy days in the north woods are leaving their mark. The snow is a lot heavier and more of it is sticking around than in past years. Even I the occasional business traveler notice that, but it is also something the locals have pointed out too.

The area here has taken three good wallops in my few weeks here. I really like getting out in it too. As I am quick to suggest to my friends, the best images and best light are around the worst weather conditions.

In the woods on a hike I liked the way the snow was clinging to the branches in the rather monochromatic landscape. The occasional green or yellowish leaf stand out from the winter. These three trees drew my eye. The bright tan leaves (comparatively), the evergreens and the snow that covered them looked pleasing.

I was about 20 feet away and thought I would try going wide open at f5.6 and seeing how much if any the trees would "pop" from the wintery background. That runs pretty contrary to my usual f/45 and get every last blade of grass in focus style. It must be the cold :-)

I put the long lens on (my trusty 210mm) and left it all wide open. Put on a one stop grad to hold back a bit of sky. Metered. Make the image.

Looking at it on the light table I did not get much of a pop and it is surprisingly deep focus. I guess that means more practice. And practice means I get to take more images. Lucky me.

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