Friday, February 15, 2008

Old Man River

The mighty Mississippi is a big river and I am at it's best part.

The bluff country south of St. Paul is spectacular. The river is big, but also full of islands, backwaters, sloughs, marshes, etc. The bluffs rise some 500' out of the river. Most of this part of the river is protected as the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge.

There are state parks, more wildlife refuges and even a National Monument in Iowa (Effigy Mounds). Add in historic towns and the wildlife that frequents the area and you have a very special place.

Here is a view of that big river from the top of Brady's Bluff in Perrot State Park, Wisconsin. I really like this view and visit it every time I am in the area. The hike starts down by the river and slowly winds up through forest and then meadows and back to forest before a final large and steep sided meadow to reach the summit.

From there you take in the views up and down the river. You can see into the hills and streams of Minnesota. You can look across the farmland in Wisconsin. It is a very nice view.

They may call this old man river, but here in bluff country it seems youthful and vigorous.

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