Sunday, February 3, 2008

Morning Light

After being out in the snow for over an hour the sun is finally up. The light is bright and all the snow, ice, and frost seems to make it brighter.

I spot a point of trees that stick out into the frozen marsh and think there might be an image, so I walk out and take a few digital snaps to confirm it will work before I move the Arca. As I am walking back across the ice I see the view to the northwest with the moon still there in the sky and a hint of clouds.

The view is across the frozen marshes along the Mississippi looking toward Minnesota. I liked the image and made a couple more, just to be sure.

The sky the white snow and (yes even the) camera all looked right. The location, conditions, and the light made it. Out on the snow in the bright light of morning the images happen, even when the lack of good cloud cover early made it seem like a less than ideal day. The light still had some magical qualities to it and with a little luck I have an image that I keep going back to looking at.

The setting is similar to my moonset taken at twilight (just 30 minutes later) but the direct bright light of the morning make this image even better to me.

Light matters, and morning light makes all the difference.

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