Saturday, February 2, 2008


Layers. As the sun was begining to crest the bluff I liked the way the layers of ridge, trees, and brush. The backlight from the rising sun was making for interesting color and shadow and giving that layered look.

I tried to exclude more of the clear sky and have the ice, snow and the layers make the image.

On this cold morning layers were also a key factor in keeping warm. With a temp down to -8 and a heavy frost it is cold, especially when you just stand around working a camera. Layers of several garments really healped here. My gear is all rather lightweight and made for when I moving on a hike or climb. It is good gear and I bought it so it could work in layers. I have on 5 layers, from a poly T-shirt, a lightweight T-neck, leight fleece pullover, vest, and a thin imsulated jacket. It sounds like alot but I have full movement and I do not look like the Staypuff Marshmellow Man. If I move I am plenty warm (I'll unzip the jacket), but after standing for an hour the cold can seep in. So I wear several light layers and I am very warm. The only time I notice the cold is when I take my glove off to set the camera controls. Then the fingers get cold quick. The rest of me is warm.

So on a cold morning in the snow I can layer for warmth and enjoy the light on the layers in the image.

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