Friday, February 8, 2008

Slush Ponds

Slush pond sounds like something a corrupt polititican would have, but it was the first term that came to mind when I found them in the marsh. They were not solid ice, but not unfrozen water either. They were almost slushie like in their quality. They were surrounded solid ice and several inches of snow. I am sure that there is a proper term for them, but my geology lingo escapes me and I more interested in making an image anyway

Regardless, that slush added a certain quality to the landscape of the marsh. The frosted branches, the soft snow, distant bluffs, and the light all draw my interest and frame up nicely on the ground glass.

I think for a second about getting low and right up on top of them, but I am neither sure how thick the ice is there nor wanting to disturb them too much. So, I just stay back with a moderate angle lens (125mm) and take the whole scene in.

I make the image, still cannot think of a proper name for the slush, decide that slush pond sounds official enough. Then it is time to start moving and looking again.

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