Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Winter Woods

The Wisconsin winter woods are a great experience. The barren trees, the crunch of snow underfoot, brisk temps, and the gray overcast days (they get alot of these) all help make the winter-winter.

I have been here in the fall and seen wonderful color. I have been here as the seasons changed from fall to winter and seen the last of the leaves fall and the ice start to form, but winter is an all new season. One that I find to be quite exciting and full of photographic possibilities.

The bluffs along the Mississippi are wooded in places quite thick. In the summer you would never see the river but in the winter the leaves are gone and new vistas open up. I find those views interesting and they draw my camera.

This image is from the edge of a clearning in the winter woods. The bare trees and snow become part of the hilly landscape of the river country. The Mississippi is visible in the valley bottom. The hills of the Minnesota side of the river recede into the gray sky. Snow is visible everywhere.

What a great scene and what a fine image it makes. A scene only possible in the winter woods.

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