Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tracks in the Snow

As I wander through the winter woods I found some trails were also being used be cross country skiers. The park I was in had dedicated trails that were groomed for cross country but the skiers often stuck out onto the hiking trails and you would see ski tracks, showshoe tracks, and boot prints all going through the woods. It was on one of these multi-use trails I made this photograph

I liked the idea of the ski tracks as an image and found a location where the tree branches were thick overhead and the trail curved over a small rise. Since I had the whole park to myself I sat up the tripod right in the middle of the trail and proceded to work the location

I do enjoy this area and having a place, in essence, to myself is fantastic. It is quite different than some of the famous overlooks in Yosemite or Grand Canyon where you are part of a cast of thousands whenever you try to stop to make an image

Here it is just me and the quiet forest. There is just the crunch of the snow under your boots and seeing your breath in the cold air. I took my time and fiddled with trying two lenses to get the image right. Focused the camera and had the picture. Just one. I had all the time I needed to get it so I trust I am doing it right (and hoping I did not forget a step or read the meter wrong, or set the lens wrong-all common errors with a view camera) and I will only find out several days after I get home

But that is all ok, and I pick up the pack and start to walk again, I am out following tracks in the winter woods and it is a good day.

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