Sunday, February 17, 2008

Melt Water

There was a warm spell one day when I was in Wisconsin. Yes the temps actually got to the mid 30's for a high. That little bit of "warmth" caused this section of a little stream to start to melt and water was begining to show.

Now my guess would be that the stream had enough flow to only have marginal ice with snow on top. The warm sunny morning had caused the snow to melt over the stream.

I know from a prior trip here that in March this stream will flow before the ice on the river breaks up. Although it's current condition will refreeze in the coming weeks as snow falls and the temp drops again. It is, after all, still deep winter here in the north woods. I will not be here to see that this season as my short time here draws to a close and I will soon be heading south.

However, on this day it made a fine photograph as I stood in slushy snow to make the image.

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