Thursday, February 14, 2008


One morning after a fresh snowfall I went out to the woods for a walk. The fresh newfallen powder made it very quiet in the winter woods.

I moved along breaking trail in the several inches of powdery snow. Snowshoes would have been nice this morning, but I do not have any, so I walk and break trail.

I found this wooden bridge covered in new snow and thought it was worth an image. A wooden bridge in the wintry woods reminds me of something Currier and Ives would have done.

As I set up the camera the woods seem even quieter. All this new snow is dampening all the sound. There is not even a breeze. It is a perfect morning to be in the woods. Every little sound I make with the camera seems loud, even the click of the shutter. I make the image and I take a moment in quiet to listen to the silence. It is a very serene morning.

I smile knowing I have the whole park to myself. Just me and the big quiet woods.

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