Saturday, March 1, 2008

Looking South

After two fun and snow filled weeks in the north woods it is time to go south. I know this series of posts went for longer than two weeks, but I just got out enough to get a lot of images and it took me a while to post them all.

I enjoyed the change of pace, temp, and, actually seeing snow. It is now back to a Texas winter where the temp may be 38 at dawn but it is 65 and sunny in the afternoon.

On my last few days in Wisconsin, I went back to some of my old favorite places in the marsh. With a temp in the high teens it was almost a heat wave compared to what it had been. I wandered around looking for the right location and the right image. I found a large clump of cattails and reeds rising above the ice. There were rocks from marsh edge that ran away along the show. The bluffs were in the distance. The sky was gray and overcast. I thought it all looked about right. I used those as my compositional elements and framed the image looking south down the river.

Down river there was no ice. There was no snow. There was none of this. The river flows south and it was about time for me to go south. South to home, to family, and to the thought of the rapidly approaching spring in the desert.

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