Sunday, March 9, 2008

RR Crossing

Fort Worth may be aptly called Cowtown, but it is also very much a railroad town. Tracks crisscross the area heading all directions. The cattle may have been the reason the railroads showed up but the agriculture and industry of today still keep them busy. The are has many old trestles and bridges that make a wonderful subject to turn the camera on.

Despite their obvious hand of man they also seem to just fit into the area. Railroads might be a sign of industry but almost seem historic (despite how vital they are in commerce) and like they belong with the land.

Here is a simple railroad crossing west of town. It itself it is as ordinary as the come. With the right light, clouds, powerlines, and rolling grass backdrop it somehow becomes even more remote and lonely than it actually is.

This could be Texas, Kansas, or Wyoming. The typical scene of the American Great Plains.

A little found scenic of the west.

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