Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At the X-6 Pen

I was out in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards a few weekends ago. The old pens and history of the Stockyards have always been a local favorite and mine too. The old buildings. The old pens. The ruins of the old meat plants. The worn wood, old iron, the railroad tracks. The rodeo arena, barns, and the smell of cattle.

Most of the cattle now go to market elsewhere and even the Stock Exchange is mostly done view the web. There are quite a few famous bars, eateries, and honky tonks in the Stockyards these days. Still quite a few of the old pens and barns are still around. The City of Fort Worth even keeps a herd of longhorns that it does a daily cattle drive with. So it is still a neat place and it also has enough to draw the interest of a photographer.

Here is an area of the pens. In fact it is the X-6 pen. I watched the sunrise here one clear morning. The maze of pens goes away into the distance. The old cat walk is visible in the upper part of the picture.

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