Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Sky

Spring time in Texas means four things: Wind, Bluebonnets, Thunderstorms, and Tornados. Luckily the last one is still the rarest.  Now for the photographer it also usually means clouds. 

Last spring, I went out with a pack full of gear to a local park to see what kind of flowers I might find.  It was past bluebonnet season but I still had hopes for some.  What I was really treated to was some great clouds moving across the sky at sunrise.

So I shifted gears from flowers to clouds and set up this image. of the hills in the park with the great morning light.  In the early soft light I photographed the softer colors of the sky, the moon, and a trail running through the park.  After a couple of images and the light warmed up, I switched over to a black and white shot to capture the scene in monochrome.

The different look each one has is great although I like them both at the the same time.  One of the things I do notice on looking at the results is the wonderful colors and glow that Velvia has.  There is always colors in the early mooring and classic Velvia 50 always impresses me.

I miss that film.