Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Lonely Lost Mesa

The Lost Mesa is an area of great beauty and mystery.  A blank spot on the map has no paved roads, no signs, no towns, and no campgrounds.  As I like to say, there is no stumbling upon it.  You have to want to get here and you have to know how to find it by taking unmarked rough gravel roads.

If you are lucky enough to get here, you will find over one million acres of grasslands and a few distant lonely mountains.

Visit here and you will have it to yourself.  I have gone days without seeing another person.  Only the occasional rancher who runs cattle on this BLM land.

Here is a view of a few of the lonely mountains that pop out of the open range here.  A few ocotillo still have some leaves from the fall rains.

This is a place that says empty and I hope that this image can capture that feeling.