Thursday, May 30, 2013

Urban Wilds

Finding landscape images in town can be a challenge.  The urban setting most people live in keeps getting bigger and finding nature and specifically nature you can photograph and just get the nature part of is tougher.  Luckily it is still there if you know where to look.  

I know of several good local parks where I have found views and scenes that lack the trapping of modern society and I can just photograph nature.  Here is one of my locations in Trinity Park.  Right across the river from downtown Fort Worth is a great urban park that follows the river for a ways.  Much of the park is set up for the "modern" visitor with playgrounds and picnic tables, but there is also some areas where the tress grow thick and small streams run through them.

Here is a view that is right off of the bike path where it crosses one of those small streams.  It is a great view and I set it up specifically to photograph the creek in black and white.

Taken with the 75mm lens and Efke 25 processed in DR-5.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Great Falls of the Clear Fork

The Great Falls of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas.

Texas is not known for waterfalls.  We have some historic and some very scenic rivers but the Trinity River is not one people seek out like the Rio Grande, Pedernales, Guadalupe or some of the others.  The Clear Fork is not a very long river either.  Running through only two counties and is about 50 miles long from its headwaters to where it joins with the West Fork in downtown Fort Worth.

It is a small river.  It is also in my backyard (literally) and I often walk, bike and photograph along it.

This waterfall is on the river close to where I live and I visit this spot a regular basis.

I like finding such a neat spot in town and close to home.  Over the last decade I have photographed in a variety of light, seasons, and conditions.

Here is a time I was wading in the river as some nice rain had put a nice flow over the rocks and making it a potentially good image.  I set up the camera and photographed it in both color and B+W.

Here is the monochrome version which better captures the scene this day.

I need to revisit this scene again as the new view here now has a bridge crossing the river only a few yards behind the falls.  My nice scene that might be mistaken for someplace wild will now be firmly pulled into the city.