Sunday, February 15, 2009


Long shadows late in the day. Waiting for the sunset I noticed the long shadows of the camera on the side of a stock tank. Thought the shadows looked interesting and then found myself in the shadows too.

On a side note you can see the Arca is set up on a smaller Feisol Tripod. I find this lightweight model (3401) will hold the Arca well. I do not think I'd make it the everyday model but it will serve as a packable and light travel 'pod.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Double Time

Photographing on the open range of southern New Mexico is fun. It is also a lonely, empty, and dusty place.

As I mentioned in prior posts it is a difficult place to capture in one image. So in addition to trying to put it on a single sheet of film I was working with the DSLR too. The hope was to be able to stitch several images into a long pano that can begin to capture the size of the land here. Stitching is one are that I just cannot make work like I want it with film. I think the scanner is the weak link. But even with all else being same on the exposure and processing I still play havoc getting scanned images to stitch right. On the other hand it is a quick and easy process with a digital capture. A couple of clicks in PS and you have an image.

So my plan this day was to work with the DSLR for panoramas and to work a scene for one image with the view camera.

It meant two ways to think and kept me busy working two tripods. It was a double time day.