Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Chalk Mountain Country

Spent the day driving around the farm roads and old churches southwest of Cowtown.

Down beyond Glen Rose is the Chalk Mountain country where the rugged limestone hills give the area some nice up and down.

As a photographer I frequent the area and I follow the winding roads through the farms and ranches, past small streams and rivers. A place that I often see road bikers pedaling, bikers, on their hogs, and even saw a Ferrari club out here once.

A great place to drive.

And to chase images.

Here is one. Probably nothing more than a rather typical field but the solitary distant tree and the light begged to be photographed. So I did. Here is the set up. Along the fence. Long lens. B+W.

Still waiting on processing on the negatives as I still aint ready to make that jump yet.