Sunday, December 28, 2008

When the Sun Rises

The rising sun changes everything.

The warm, soft glow of predawn gives way to to bright light and dark shadows of the new day. The directional light casts long shadows and the deep canyons of the Colorado become black holes in the earth.

Here is sunrise at Dead Horse Point. The location that was the same morning as two posts ago-but this is after the sun rose.

The canyon is very different after sunrise and the harsh light is tough on the color photographer. This is the moment to try what black and white might do, but I had no B+W with me that day. I may have to see what I can do with a conversion.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas in Downtown

The Christmas season as seen on Main Street in Fort Worth. Here is Main Street with a view toward the courthouse. The lights of the city Christmas Tree shine in the ground glass.

Seasons Greetings!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dead Horse Point

Waiting for the sunrise at Dead Horse Point.

I was here on a clear morning in October. The photographers were taking up spots along the rim waiting for that first glow of sunrise. Early on there was nice glow but there is a lull from early twilight and sunrise. This was that middling part after the twilight glow and before the actual sunrise.

One can see the Colorado in the depths of the canyon.

Note-the astute may also spot a Soligor light meter in the image. A $5 garage sale find!

Monday, December 8, 2008

One Year and Counting!

The Traveling Camera Blog is one year old!

From the wilds of west Texas, to my own backyard on the Trinity River, to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wisconsin. I have hauled the 4x5 and made images with it and of it.

If you have been reading, thanks.

For that one year moment-here is a view from the red rock country of Arches National Park. I am set up overlooking the Garden of Eden. The sky might be clear but with a view like this-who cares.