Saturday, July 20, 2013

On the Way to the Chisos

Heading into Big Bend National Park, I always make a lot of stops for photographs.  The view here is big and scenic.  I always hope for decent clouds, good light, and a chance to make an image.  

Having a combo of light and clouds it was a great day to take my time and do some large format work as I made my way toward the Chisos.  It was mid morning and I was making it a relaxing drive of frequent stops.  It is roughly 30 miles from the north entrance to the park headquarters at the base of the Chisos.  I think it took me almost 3 hours to make that drive with all the frequent stops I made and especially if I thought there was a good spot for the 4x5.

Here was one of those spots.  I could see this rock pile from the road and carried my gear out with the hopes of making a good image of the desert floor and distant Chisos.

At first I was going to put the pock pile in the image but as I scouted the area with my digital camera it seemed the better image was from the top of the rocks, so it was there I set up the tripod and worked this image.

The shot is on Astia 100 and this box has not aged well.  When I got my film developed, all the Asita looked bad and my Velvia looked great.  This is pretty much what the chrome looks like.  I could probably work it more in Photoshop but decided to leave it as is.

I spent about 30 minutes here and the sun was already warm-and it was early February.  I packed up and headed down the road.