Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Overlooking the Rio Grande

Not too far from the Desert Mountain Overlook there are several places one can get a view of the river. Most of them are not marked as such but there are usually good gravel shoulders one can park on. The chance to use the river as a leading line is a strong element to put into a photography.

In the case of the Rio Grande, it is also a dividing line.

This image was made up on one of those spots above the river. The Chisos are out of the image to the left and they draw the most attention. This view is south across the river to Mexico. If you look close you can see the signs of the village of Santa Elena. Which is the only habitation for many, many miles.

I like this view. It is especially nice in the morning when the Ponce wall is lit by the first light of day. I also like this late afternoon view. It may lack dramatic light but it is a dramatic land.

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