Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Desert Mountain Widescreen

Widescreen. The name invokes thoughts of the great classics of cinema. It also makes me think of the west. The big country. The open range. The endless sky. The enormous views.

This is big camera country. I tried the 4x5. I say tried because I am not sure if there is anyway to really capture the full impact of how big this country is.

The 4x5 is not really big enough. Maybe 7x17 or 8x20 get you closer. You might even need a 20x24. Still you are only capturing a sliver of what the view is. It really is that big.

Panorama may be the best compromise. It gives you the breadth of the scene, even if it cuts out alot of the sky. And sky is a vital part of what the view is.

I used all three lenses here at this same location over the trip. From wide to long to make several images at different times of the day. From predawn moonlight, to morning clouds, to late afternoon sun. I want to put the big view from here on film.

This image is a panoramic composite of the scene. It is composed of three images made on my DSLR and stitched together in the computer. The width of it is something I really like. It reminds me of that feeling from being there. The camera also works in the center for me (event though that breaks alot of compositional rules) to anchor the moment in time for me.

The camera and the big wide view.

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