Friday, April 11, 2008

It's That Mountain......Again

Yes there is that same mountain from the post yesterday. The name of it is Cerro Castellan. It is of volcanic origin and it is a major landmark in the area.

It also happens to be pretty photogenic.

As such you can expect to see several images that feature it. Sometimes as the main element and sometimes in the background. It is hard to be in this part of the park and NOT put it into a picture.

That is ok as it leads me to an exercise I do from time to time-which is to see how many different images and compositions I can get an object in. Really a very good exercise to improve how you "see".

As I look through my images I see dozens with it in there. Many of them are very different. I like that. I hope that means I am learning how to compose. Of course, I might just be getting lucky and have a such neat mountain to photograph that looks good no matter how bad my composition.

Here is Cerro (as we call it ) with the barns of the Castolon (note the different spelling) post late in the afternoon.

Watch for a few more as I post images and stories from Big Bend

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