Thursday, May 1, 2008

Turn Around

Here is another image taken overlooking the Rio Grande. This view is about 90 degrees right from where my last post was. I may have moved the tripod 6 feet. Maybe.

The view is west toward Santa Elena Canyon. You can see the "V" notch where the canyon cuts through the Sierra Ponce(the big 1500' tall wall you see). It is about 8 miles up river from where I am.

It was late afternoon and the clouds were starting to build with the hopes of a great sunset. Every direction had something interesting. I was not sure where to start, to stay here all evening, or to move to one of several different close by areas. Sometimes having alot of options is not a good thing.

So I started by taking a picture and then turning around to see what else was there. Next thing you know-it's sunset.

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