Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Trees

Plain old pine trees. Even more pines draw my attention. I am walking down the path to Yosemite Falls. The trees frame the falls. It is a sight where you never want to look anywhere else but the falls.

However if you turn your head you might see these yellow pines. The cannot be 30 yards off the path. Thousands of people walk right past them every day. You can probably count the people who see them on one hand.

I thought they had potential. Not to work into an image of the famous falls, but just as an image of trees.

I walked around and found a composition that framed several of them with a very yellowish one in the front. You could not see the falls and you could not see the path (nor people for that matter).

I looked at the upside down scene and saw nothing but trees and forest floor in the image. I made two images just to play with shallow and deep focus. The tourists walking past have no idea how great these trees look. They probably do not even notice me either, after all who has time for trees when a true wonder is just 300 yards away.

I packed up thinking trees, and I am they only one to see them today.

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