Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Forest and the Trees

They say sometimes you cannot see the forest because of the trees. For a photographer it is often the opposite-you cannot see the trees for the forest.

Yosemite may be famous for big granite walls, big sequoias, and big waterfalls, but it is also heavily forested. Pine trees are fairly common and there are alot of them(really throughout the mountain west). It is easy to just see them as another grove of trees and to keep driving or walking. The trick to making a great image of a forest is to bring out charasterics of trees.

This particular stand somehow drew my attention. There were some factors that could make an image. The light on the trees was directional. The background had a different quality of light. The grove stood alone at the edge of a meadow and the trees were spaced nicely had good lines. In the mid morning the sun had still not reached them and it all came together.

I wanted to make an image that only showed the base of the trunks so I went with a longer lens (210mm) and I photographed the grasses and the trunks only. Going on the idea that less is more I had the light, shapes, and composition to show these few trunks and just a hint of the background meadow and the granite wall beyond. I found the trees, I have a forest, I made an image.

Out of the forest I have just trees.

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