Thursday, December 20, 2007


Looking all around is a pretty important concept for a photographer. Often the best image is not the first one, sometimes you have to look.

After photographing the tree big in the frame and the church a small distant element, I started walking around. I photographed the church from different angles and kept looking for that next image. Not just a picture, but an image.

I found it on the back side of the church. It was a view of the church in a frame filling pose with a now tiny live oak tree in the distance. It was a complete role reversal of my earlier image.

It took a little maneuvering to get everything lined up right. Then I let the view camera do it's thing. By raising the front standard straight up I am able to keep the building "square" and still get all of it in the image. There upside down on the ground glass the image pops. the church is now the large object that fills the frame top to bottom while over on the side there is a small tree in the distance.

I found the companion image for the first one. It was almost the same yet the opposite.

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