Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bold Talk

If you ever saw the John Wayne classic "True Grit" then you may remember this meadow. This is the place where the big finale was filmed.
The bad guys (one was Robert Duvall) and John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn race across the field blasting away at each other on horseback. The Duke has a lever action in one hand, his revolver in the other, and the reins in his teeth.
And the comment line that starts the scene is when they holler at Rooster "That's bold talk for a one eyed fat man". It is still a great place to find(it's near the summit of Owl Creek Pass) and even on a clear afternoon is worth stopping to take an image.
BTW-if you are ever in the area, stop in the town of Ridgway and try the True Grit Cafe, it serves up some great food and is full of John Wayne history.

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