Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In the Meadow

In the high country around Ouray I found this small stream cascading down through a meadow. There was nice color in the aspens around the meadow. There was a nice peak in the distance. There were just a few clouds around. There was nice angle on the afternoon light to slightly sidelight leaves. It was certainly worth an image.

Finding the right things help an image. Or maybe a better way to say it is finding the right things in combination help make the image come together.

Normally the mid afternoon is a horrible time of day for color photography. However, since that mid-afternoon sun was side lighting the leaves, it gave them some definition. Add in the clouds and the mid-afternoon light was not so bad. So even though the light was nothing spectacular, it was light that had potential for an image. I just need the right location.

The stream was the inspiration. The leading ribbon of water spilling down through the meadow was a good setting. The other elements like the mountain and trees in the distance made it right.
I tried some different things too, using both a wide and moderate angle lens on the image. I was not sure which would be best since the both looked good on the ground glass. So I took both and could decide on the light table at home (BTW-I picked the moderate angle).

Then after a couple of images, it was time to pack up and go look for the next location.

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