Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tule Mountain

One of the unique mountains on the west side of Big Bend National Park is Tule Mountain. It is a solitary flat topped peak near the west entrance to the park at Maverick.  Geologists will tell you that it is related to the Burro Mesa which is just east of it and that faulting and blocking caused the space between the two to fall.

The result is a peak that stands alone and makes a great subject for the camera.

After spending the middle part of the day west of the national park along the river in Big Bend Ranch State Park, I stopped near Tule in the afternoon to try an image.

Being the afternoon and having another location for sunset, I decided to just do a black and white image of Tule.

The view is looking south, so I put on a polarizer to see if it would help the clouds pop slightly.  I also used the orange filter to see if that might help darken the sky a little.

Otherwise, it was simply metering and adjusting the exposure for the two filters.

Here is the result on Efke 25 with the DR-5 process for a b+w chrome.

I made two exposures to allow for a little safety in case I was off and then it was pack up and go for a sunset location.


ADRIAN said...

This is a fine shot.
I'm going back to medium format film. It is expensive. I only use Velvia 100 and Ilford HP5, I bracket shoot every shot, the second, one half a stop under for velvia and one and a half to two for Ilford HP5.
I'm happy. I just got a big box of Bronica 64 gear so it's like looking again.
Large format is beyond me and the space available.

Darren Huski said...


I know what you mean about expense. Every time I trip the shutter on a Velvia slide $5 is spent.

Between that and the end of Velvia as a 4x5 product I have to be very selective of when and how much film to use.

I sold my Mamiya several years back as it was not getting any use when I was already toting the Arca-Swiss around. Now a Canon 5D Mark 2 is my "other" camera. No film cost at all. :-)

Good luck with that Bronica, it is a great camera!