Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Rock Church

Another church in the countryside, the Old Rock Church.

One of my favorite places to photograph. In the archives of this blog you can probably find four or five other images of it. As you can see, I never really tire of photographing this building.

Can you blame me?

I was working in b+w and with Efke 25 film. To learn the film I was making two of every image and getting half processed as a traditional negative and half done as a positive with the dr5 process.

The negatives turned out great! Still waiting on the positives to come back from mail order. Not sure if my longer term goal in b+w will be to go all positives or negatives. Either way it has given me renewed interest in film since my color work was limited to the edge of the day and b+w allows me to do film more throughout the day.

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