Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock Church and Live Oak

The classic view of the Old Rock Church.

Live oak for framing. Puffy clouds. Empty field. Yep, all the basics.

I was working in B+W with Efke 25 and had it processed in dr5 as a positive.

The came out fantastic. Did duplicate shots and had one set done in dr5 and the other done as a negative.

The negatives are nice but the positives are WOW!

I'll be doing a lot more dr5 with black and white.


Larry D Hayden said...

Hi Darren,

How are you exposing for the dr5? Concentrating on the highlights or something else?


Darren Huski said...

Larry, I have been trying both exposing for the highlights, since that is how I always did it with slide film. However I am also experimenting with exposing for the low shadows, ala zone system. I have not done enough sheets that way to make a call yet on which is better.