Thursday, January 29, 2009

Out on the Range

Here is an image of me out photographing Alamo Mountain on the wild Otero Mesa of New Mexico.

A string of several individual peaks that make up the Cornudas Range straddle the state line between Texas and New Mexico.

They also mark the southern end of the Otero Mesa grasslands. Well kinda. The grass continues into Texas but the Texas side is all private property. The New Mexico side is mostly public land.

This view shows the westernmost mountain of the range-Alamo.


Joel Truckenbrod said...

Darren - I just realized that you have not one, but two blogs! I've spent some time going through both of them as well as your website. Good stuff. I particularly enjoy this blog as I can really relate to setting up a view camera and then waiting for the right conditions. You really are fortunate to photograph the places you do - it's really some beautiful country!

Darren Huski said...


Thanks. I actually had third of just images of Texas. But I have let that one sit for a few months. I try to keep my main travels on the Wilderness Photographer and keep the Traveling Camera for just large format.