Saturday, January 24, 2009

On The Open Range

This last fall I made my first solo trip out on the Otero Mesa on southern New Mexico.
It is an area I had seen from afar for several years and that I had spent a couple of days out on at different times. This was my first chance at a longer trip and I devoted three days and two nights to seeing it.
This is an amazing place with some 1.2 million acres of open range. You see more information about the mesa on my Wilderness Photographer Blog as The Lost Mesa.
This is one tough location to photograph, even with a big camera as it is so hard to capture the vastness of the range in any one image. Long lenses slice it and even wides are not wide enough. Maybe a 6x17 could do it justice, but none of the sheets I got back did.
This view of the camera overlooking this great wide expanse of open range land can only hint at the vastness here.

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