Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ride Control

I was in the historic downtown of Grapevine, Texas at their train station looking at some old railroad cars they had there.

The surrounding modern buildings and powerlines did not offer much of a scene setting locale for such interesting pieces of history so I decided to make an image of the springs on one of the cars.

Here is where the LX-3 really came in handy. Before I went about trying to set up this image I first switch the LX-3 over into 3:4 aspect ratio and made several images to check the composition. Only when I found the right one did I set up the shot with the 4x5.

You can see the set up at the top and the bottom image is the test composition straight out of the LX-3 (in Dynamic B+W mode).

I may have been using color film but I just envisioned this image as some sort of monochrome. Maybe a sepia.

I liked what the LX-3 got and I now had a pretty good representation of what I wanted from the film.

I framed up the Arca as close as I could get to this and set about focusing and metering the image. When I get the chrome back from the lab, I'll scan it an go for monochrome.

By the way both images here are from the LX-3.

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