Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tour of an Arca-Swiss Discovery Part 3

The bag bellows may be the best accessory I added for the Discovery. The folding rail made it easier to carry but the bag bellows adding the flexibility to make images.

Arca-Swiss makes two types. I opted for the leather wide angle bellows. The specs gave it a slightly longer expansion which I wanted to make it usable with the 210mm.

This is another finely crafted piece of equipment from the folks at Arca-Swiss. Soft, supple, and sturdy are the words here. The Fonz would approve of this leather.

The bag bellows give much more movement with short lenses over the traditional accordion bellows. Example, with my 75mm lens-I have almost zero rise with the regular bellows (maybe a couple of millimeters). With the wide angle leather bag bellows I have all the rise the lens will do.

The great things about this bellows is I can use it for all my lenses. It will cover the 30cm rail that I have and even allows me rise at full extension. See my next post for those pics.

Here is the camera with the 75mm focused at infinity and just a slight rise. The bellows and lens can both do more than this.

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