Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunset Rain

At Grandivew Point in Canyonlands NP there is a trail that wanders for about a mile over the slickrock to the very tip of the mesa where one can stare across the Green and Colorado River canyons. I made that hike in late light as rain showers were building over the Green River. I made it to a view point right as the sun was about to pop out from under the rain. I raced to get the tripod up and camera focused. I made one image.

Then I quickly made this snap and went back to put a couple more sheets through the 4x5. And just like that the sun was gone.

The rain and the light put on a show. I was changing lenses and making images with both cameras. The glow of sunlight behind the distant rain was great. I made images for another twenty minutes until it looked like the best light was gone. So with everyone else long gone I packed up. I started walking back but I kept turning around. And stopping. And making more images. By the time I got back to the truck it was way dark.

When I was able to review the images as I downloaded them I found several very nice ones. I cannot wait to see what the chromes look like.

Wow, what an afternoon.

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